I have a problem with NGP / NGPVAN forms – the font size is very small.

This is not a template related problem, but lack of appropriate CSS code.

What exactly does it mean? All elements inside NGP form works under class name .at which is using relative font-size. So to achieve desirable layout and font size you will need to insert extra lines to overrun styles which are coming from our theme. We can’t predict all plugins which will be used on numerous sites of our buyers and therefore we can’t predict what elements will be styled differently on the customer’s side.

The best way to make this working is to add this into style.css of child theme:


.at label {font-size: 15px !important;}
.at label.label-amount {font-size: 24px !important;}
.at form .label-amount.label-otheramount {font-size: 0 !important;}
.at form .label-amount input {padding-left: 26px !important;}
.at-recurring .at-check input[type="checkbox"]+span:before {
top: 4px !important;
.at select, .at fieldset:not(.ContributionInformation) input {font-size: 15px !important; height: 35px !important;}